What you need to know about Big Data

What you need to know about Big Data


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Big Data has come to be widely used and misunderstood. Quick overview of the common questions about Big Data.

Big Data comes with a wide number of sources: Mobile devices, Social media, and IoT (Internet Of Things) through Sensors and Actuators will play a major role. This is data explosion and the term Big Data refers to the massive data sets all these sources are and will generate with cloud

All stakeholders (Government agencies, Businesses) want to capture and use them. The goal of the latest Big Data software is to discover, extract and present the data that matters. The key words in Big Data are:

Volume: identify how large is the volume of data

Variety: indicates the numerous of data and sources involved

Velocity:  is the extremely quick rate at which data is generated

Hadoop: is an open source technology framework, it helps to simplify storage, management a,d analysis of various data types.

Most of the time Big Data means “unstructured”: Photo, videos, Social Media updates, ect …

A big Data analytics refers to the process of analyzing the different type of datas within a specific data set in order to identify unseen patterns.

What types of Businesses use Big Data analytics?

Insurance, retailers, Government agencies use Big Data analytics. Not only Large organizations can benefits from Big Data analytics but small businesses as well. Some analytics Service Providers offer analytics and Big Data services.

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